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Renewable energies

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Renewable energies

Eléctrica Son Sardina

Photovoltaic installations

At elecss we care about the environment and we want to try to reduce our impact as much as possible. That is why we support sustainable sources of renewable energy.

We set self-consumption installations (with and without pouring into the electricity network), as well as isolated photovoltaic installations in Mallorca.

We watch out for any updates there may be on renewable energies. That is why every year we travel to the renewable energy international trade fair, which provides us with first-hand information about all updates.

Electric vehicle charging stations

We install electric vehicle charging stations, which may have different systems, the most common of which are: conventional slow charge (8 hours, at 16A and 3.6kW), semi-fast charge (4 hours, at 32A and 7.3kW), and fast charge (30 minutes, at 70A and 50kW).

Conventional slow charge (8 hours, at 16A and 3.6kW)
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Semi-fast charge (4 hours, at 32A and 7.3kW)
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Fast charge (30 minutes, at 70A and 50 kW)
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